Friday, December 2, 2011

Day Six

We are in day six of our hospital stay and there is finally a glimmer of hope.  "Christian" extended his leg almost completely!  His ankle is still swollen but it finally seems to be improving.  He is starting to eat but the continuous morphine is still running.  The doctor backed off on it a little bit last night and I am hoping tomorrow they will consider backing off some more.  This morphine causes crazy itching!  Christian is scratching himself and leaving marks on his little body.  He has been on a regular schedule of Vistaril to help alleviate the itching but I went out to Walgreens today and bought some Aveeno anti-itch cream.  It has worked beautifully!  Great stuff :)

This has been the worst bleed we have encountered.  Seeing your child in pain is heart breaking.  It was to the point where I did not think he would ever get any relief.  Feeling helpless is awful.  It's enough to take away your self esteem and begin to doubt what you know about caring for your child.

That's when you have to dig down deep and have faith.

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