Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Knee on the Mend

"Christian's" right knee is finally on the mend :)  He is moving it around without crying in pain and can straighten it more that it had been previously.

I hate when my son has to be confined to bed.  You do everything you can to help them pass the time, and when they don't even try to get out of bed, you know they are hurting.  I am hoping he gets discharged over the weekend and back to school on Monday (probably with the wheelchair).

Measuring the knee has really helped us monitor the progress of the bleed.  One of our nurses even measured his "muscles" which have been recorded on the board as "huge" and "enormous"!  The nurses here at the University of New Mexico are just fantastic!

Hoping to be home soon.......

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It Just Blew Up

"Christian" had been complaining of pain in his knee for severral days.  Last Friday we infused per our bleed protocol and over the weekend, all seemed well...until Monday.  We infused per a bleed again, I went to the school to give a second dose and ended up bringing him home.  His knee was swelling and he was limping.

After an afternoon on the sofa the knee was looking better, until around 6 pm when it just seemed to "blow up".  He has never had a knee bleed before and it looks awful.  Just like the photos you see from Laurie Kelley or the NHF.

We came into the hospital last night and he has rested comfortably since around 2 am (with the help of morphine for the pain).

I've no idea what the day is going to bring, but I am grateful to be at the hospital this morning.

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Friday, March 2, 2012


My "Christian" and I are in the infusion suite gettin an infusion of IVIG.  Hie immune system needed a little boost, so we will be out in a few hours.  As Christan says, "easy peasy lemon squeezie".

I really feel like the brace we had made in Denver has made a huge difference for Christian.  So far, no ankle bleeds.  I really think it's giving him the support he needs to keep everything in the right place.

Daily infusions are going well, but he is a bit bruised up right now. 

Things are going well.
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