Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Boy Is In a Band!

My youngest son “Christian” is in the percussion ensemble at his school.  He just recently had his end of the year concert, and I must say, I was impressed.  There were at least twenty students on the stage playing some difficult rhythms.  I can’t even imagine teaching that many elementary aged children how to play instruments.  I admire the teachers and their incredible patience.

What I saw in my son’s eyes amazed me.  There was a joy that I saw in him that seemed to light up the entire building.  Of course I am prejudiced, but my son was taken away by being able to participate in a group outside of the hospital setting.  He was just one of the many other children on the stage, and he loved it.  He enjoyed his “new normal” in a way that touched me.

I thought, while watching him with the other students, that there was nothing to indicate that he was any different than the other children.  His bleeding disorder was not a factor in his participation.  The idea that we could suspend thoughts of hemophilia for just a brief time was very liberating.  My son has been reclaiming his own identity in the world, and it was amazing.  Of course I got emotional, because his struggles involve the whole family.  His sense of freedom is linked to our own freedom. 

Those of us with children who have chronic bleeding disorders never take for granted what many others seem to accept as expectations.  Our thanks for the simple mundane tasks of an ordinary day remind us that our children’s health can change at the drop of a hat.  Through it all, we will give extra thanks to participate in the things that bring our family joy.  

Today, I am grateful that my boy is in a band; playing to his heart’s delight.

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