Monday, August 17, 2015

19 Months

January 2014

Dad and “Christian” go to the local Monster Truck Rally.  Do you notice his knee is bent?  That was looking good for that day.  He was not able to get anywhere without the wheelchair.

February 2015

I am walking with both of my boys through the streets of New York.  Maybe slower than most, but no wheelchair needed.

August 2015

At the NHF Annual Meeting, we had the opportunity to take in a Rangers game.  Christian had never been to a major league game, so we went.  Of course I did not read the email with the instructions on which side of the stadium to park so we ended up on the opposite side.  Then we climbed every, single stair to the top suites.  My Christian did not miss a step (or complain).  We grabbed our food, sat down and the first Ranger we saw come up to bat in the 3rd inning hit a home run!  It was poetic.  My son has been through hell and back with his inhibitor and at that moment I sat and gave thanks to God in a way I don’t think that I ever have.  “Thanks, God…Wow.”

A homerun may not be exciting for some, but even for this mama (who doesn’t “follow the volleyball”) I was completely blown away!  When I heard the crack of the bat and watched the ball go out of the park, the fireworks went off, the girls carrying the flags went from one side of the outfield to the other… was as if that moment was made for my son.

Our family has traveled this crazy journey of living with an inhibitor and it has taken us to dark, horrible places.  The journey is not over, but we have seen the other side filled with light and hope.

Today Christian started 4th grade.  

God is good.

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