Thursday, August 25, 2016

Little Reminders

I love when life is going well, no complications, food in the pantry, work is good, the house is somewhat clean and my sons are in good health.  With the start of a new school year, I haven't thought much about Caeleb's starting 5th grade because he has been bleed free for over a year.

Over a year!

Right before school started, our hematologist wanted to take blood from Caeleb for a half-life study.  Knowing that with his inhibitor registering zero, the fact that it is still floating around is fact.  The last time we checked his half-life it was about 4 hours and to be tolerized he needs to be around 6 hours. 

When the nurse called and said that his inhibitor was now registering .65, my heart stopped for a second.  I know numbers aren't everything, but I do hate that it is actually registering again.  Nonetheless, he is doing great.

Caeleb has always wanted to ride the bus to school, but with his mobility issues it has never been possible.  This year we decided to give it a try.  The bus stop is only 2 houses down the street, so off he went on his first day.  I stood in the front yard watching as my husband, Joe, went along with Caeleb to make sure all was well.  When Joe came back he said, "Those steps are a little steep and it took him a minute." 

It's one of those subtle reminders that yes, the damage to his knee and ankle are real.  He adjusts to whatever is thrown his way physically and does it so well that our family doesn't even notice. 

Little reminders of things in the past are good.  They keep us "honest" and help us to not forget about what is important.  I believe it is important to remember where we have been no matter how painful.  It helps to appreciate how good things are now and how much better they will continue to be.

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