Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Birthday

May 22, 1962
I don't know what life would have been like if my brother had lived.
Would he have been annoyed with a little sister following him wherever he went?

I like to think he could have whipped up a mean peanut butter sandwich and taken me out for ice cream on a hot afternoon. 

Maybe he would have had a passion for music like I do?

I like to think he would have come to my band concerts and after a halftime show on a Friday night have patted me on the back and said, "Nice job!" 

And when my sons were born I imagine he would have been at the hospital making sure that I was okay and would have been one of the first to love on his new nephews .... and later given me a shoulder to cry on when they were diagnosed with hemophilia.

I have a picture of him in my mind as a strong, healthy man who did everything he could to live with hemophilia even with treatment that was not the best.

The few that knew him are not around anymore and his legacy could easily fade away, but today I can say that I proudly say “Ronaldo Julian Campos was born 52 years ago today...he was my brother."

Today I Am Thankful For:
  1. foil
  2. cake mix
  3. old bananas
  4. crooked lampshades
  5. birthdays

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