Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eleven years

My mighty warrior, Caeleb turns 11 years old today.  I lived for 37 years without him…how in the world is that possible?  I have always said that I felt like my life began on June 23, 1996 when my Julian was born.  For at least 5 years my husband and I tried to have another child.  We considered adoption, underwent some infertility treatments, and when we finally accepted the fact that another baby was just not possible, we grieved and moved on…and then I needed a pregnancy test :)

Caeleb was not a surprise.  He was my heart's desire.  It just wasn't in my time, but God's.  I have often thought about God getting a good laugh at me and my husband as we started over with an infant when our oldest was 10.  I was potty training at 40!  But I will say that I have loved every minute of it.  I am usually the oldest mom in my son's class, but I am definitely not worried about what others think the way I did when Julian was little.

It's amazing what can happen in eleven years.  We left Houston, the only place we ever lived, and stepped out in faith by moving to New Mexico.  In eleven years we have lived in five different houses, served at 4 different churches and dealt with medical issues that many people will never deal with in their lifetime.  The struggle of being called to a certain place and having a sick child was almost too much at times, but to have gone through everything we have gone through and be in such a wonderful place in our lives is nothing but for the grace of God.

The sparkle in our home is packaged in a little 5th grade boy.  He runs and plays with a passion that warms a person's heart.  You would never know he lived in a wheelchair for a year.

He has a compassionate heart.  You cannot imagine the physical pain he has endured.

He loves with his entire soul and his laughter and giggles are heartwarming.  You would never imagine that he spent weeks at a time in a hospital bed, pale as a sheet.

My mighty warrior is one of a kind.  I am so incredibly blessed to be his Mom.  He has changed me from the deepest parts of my soul.  I know how to love and fight because of this amazing little boy. 

I can't wait to see where life takes him.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Smells and Sounds - Guest posting at HFA

The senses of sound and smell are very powerful. Sometimes a smell can spark a memory of a wonderful meal simmering on a stove or the smell of the air from a perfect breeze on a spring day can transport us back. The sounds of elevators dinging as people anxiously wait their turn and the sliding doors of the hospital can take you into a place where nothing but painful memories linger.

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