Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just in Time

We caught a bleed just in time.  "Christian" had another bleed into his right knee....that makes me nervous.  The last thing he needs is another target joint.  We are learning that the minute Christian makes the slightest complaint, we need to infuse.

Fortunately he was only in his wheelchair for a couple of days.  He managed himself well at school (it was the first time he has actually gone to school in his wheelchair). 

The one tool we have that we rely on heavily is our tape measure.  It truly helps us to keep an eye on how a bleed is progressing.  The important thing to remember is to mark the place you are measuring to be as accurate as possible.  I never understood why tape measures were so helpful, but when you have a child with joint issues, you learn quickly.
(The picture of this bleed kept Christian in the hospital for several days a few weeks ago).

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