Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day Eight

"Christian" had a really good yesterday.  He was able to take a good bath (he was getting really ripe) played with his trucks (surrounded by them in his bed) and ate fairly well.  The big news is that he pooped!  Whoo Hoo!   Now, if we can only get him to put a little pressure on his foot…

Today he will be off the continuous infusion of morphine and move to oral morphine.  The only problem last night was that his oxygen dipped down into the 70's so they put his nasal cannula back on.  The hope is that he is discharged Monday or Tuesday.

I am so glad we received our Cryo-Cuff!  Our homecare sent one to us, here at the hospital, and I am putting it on him regularly to help speed along this last part of his recovery.  It's a great device to have on hand.  Talk to your homecare about obtaining one.  Insurance may pay for it, but if not, it is well worth the investment.

The best part of today is that his dad and brother will be here later!  We have missed them terribly.

The waiting, and healing, continues...

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