Sunday, April 17, 2016

World Hemophilia Day 2016

Just about every day, week or month can be associated with awareness.  World AIDS Day, International Blood Cancer Awareness Week, Dental Health Month….and of course there are the ones that are for fun like International Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Margarita Day. 

Today, April 17th is World Hemophilia Day.  It is a day set aside to spread awareness about bleeding disorders on an international level.  Maybe you know someone who has a child with hemophilia but have you ever considered that there may be a bleeding disorder in your family?  Asking questions is always a great place to start.  It may help you uncover some realities in your family that you had not considered.  I recently had an old friend reach out to me because she thought she may be having complications from a bleeding disorder.  It wasn't hemophilia or von Willebrand's disease, but she went in for treatment and started by asking me…her connection to bleeding disorders.

You may be that connection for someone else today.

The other thing that weighs heavily on my heart today on World Hemophilia Day, are the thousands of people around the world who are suffering from bleeds right now without access to clotting factor.  My sons have thousands of units of factor available in our home and others are suffering. 
  • Suffering in pain that will not have relief any time soon. 
  • Suffering because their mobility is challenged and the only way they can get from place to place is on an old set of crutches. 
  • Suffering because the cost of factor is beyond their wildest imagination.

Tonight I pray for those all over the world affected by bleeding disorders.  I pray for continued strength and peace so that they have a new day to start the fight all over again.

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