Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No First Day of School Facebook Photo Today

We had such a nice breather...about 3 weeks without any bleeds.  It was great, while it lasted.  The thought actually went through my mind, "The first week of school is going to be great!"  School starts today and "Christian" is in the hospital :( 

This past Thursday evening Christian's knee started to bleed.  We treated aggressively and things were looking up until Saturday evening and his knee blew up.  Ugh.  The dosing of morphine I was able to give him was finally at the point of not working so off to the hospital we went.

He is doing much better and he may get to go home in a day or so, but I am not sure if he will make it to school this week.  And to top it off, Christian will miss all of the second week of school because he will be in appointments at National Jewish in Denver as they try to investigate the reason behind his allergy to Factor VIII.

I have worked on getting the appointments at National Jewish since May...we can't miss this opportunity.  If they can find out what the problem is, then it will be time well spent.  I just want my son to be able to take Factor VIII. 

I absolutely hate seeing him in pain.  Seven year old boys should be running and playing and it breaks my heart that he can't.  And when he is well enough to run and play, it seems to not last very long until the next bleed comes.

We have to keep hope alive and continue to pray that answers are found. 

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